The polished concrete flooring is like concrete pavements printed but is preferably intended for interior spaces, as polished generally convey a sense of cleanliness and natural environment, but we must not forget that outside we have a lot of examples such as frontons, parking lots and all kinds of sports courts.

Polished concrete has become a strong trend in recent years. And it is that constructions with polished pavement have become popular due to their easy maintenance over the years, both for commercial properties as well as for residential ones. Another factor to consider is the advancement of technology in the treatment of polished concrete and the equipment required for its installation.

Of course, when you think about the superior performance and durability that polished concrete has compared to other materials, it is easy to deduce because it is preferably used in places such as offices, warehouses and shopping centres. But before I go into more detail on why you should choose to install polished flooring, let’s first look at the basics: What is polished concrete?

It is a derivative of concrete that goes through a special sanding and polishing process, which allows it to obtain a more aesthetic and refined appearance.

Advantages of Polished Concrete

Now, let’s look at some of the many advantages of using this material in our construction:

Design: This type of flooring offers many possibilities such as unexpected colours, personalization, inlays of various types of materials such as glass.

Low maintenance: Any cleaning treatment applied to this type of flooring will accomplish its goal quickly and effectively. Because the surface is dense and hard, there is no room for dirt to form or cracks to hide in, so cleaning the floor will be easier than ever, it will also withstand intensive use for years and be protected against all kinds of fats and detergents.

Durability: Polished pavement is extremely durable as it blends directly into concrete. Won’t chip or crack. For this reason, it is frequently chosen to be placed in industrial workplaces, since it resists much more weight, unlike its competitors that break or damage to the minimum excess weight.

Aesthetic and functional: Cement floors are characterized by being resistant, durable and high traffic. In addition, you get rid of the maintenance and noise that characterizes materials such as parquet.

Luminance and shine: The advantages of polished concrete floors imply, among other things, a good luminosity and shine, since it is a surface that reflects the natural light of the rooms very well.

Treatment of polished concrete floors: Cement floors consist of a type of finish that is applied to concrete in order to make it smooth, smooth and with an abundant shine. The process allows a domestic use of simple maintenance and friendly with the environment.

Possible combinations: Polished concrete has not only taken over industrial floors, but also some countertops and walls. In that case, if you want to choose to cover your spaces, the ideal is to use micro cement, a material that prevents cracks and joints. Polished concrete floors are often combined with elements of wood or brick, to achieve an urban decoration and add warmth to space. In addition to industrial elements such as metal.

Minimalism: As this type of flooring has its own personality, they are ideal for loft-type apartments, since the decorative elements are usually as minimalist as possible.

Polished Concrete Application

The polished concrete pavement consists of extending a concrete slab made in the plant, and once poured, it is levelled with laser or ropes.

Aggregates and minerals, and necessary colourants are applied to the fresh concrete surface to give it the desired finish.

We advise you on the type of concrete depending on its intended use. To reinforce it we use mesh or polyurethane fibres.

The shiny look is achieved with trowels or helicopters after several passes to the pavement.

Polished concrete finishes

Flooring: It is the traditional system par excellence of industrial paving. Its realization in three phases, such as pouring and spreading the concrete, providing the necessary materials such as cement, quartz, and sometimes coloured corundum, and finally the application of specialized machinery, which gives us a uniform surface, strong, smooth and durable. This system is used both indoors: homes, garages, warehouses, as well as outdoors: patios, tracks, outer hallways of warehouses … This same flooring can have a semi-fine finish, thanks to its roughness it allows us to obtain a non-slip finish, so it is especially used in sloping areas.