Cowhide Has Many Uses

Ancient civilizations made good use of cowhide. They were known for raising and domesticating cattle. It did not take them long to find out that cow skin could be used as a fabric. Prior to this discovery, ancient people used to discard cow skins. Today, cowhide has become a very common leather type that can be dyed into different colors. In addition, these leather items can also be given different finishes. The right finish can make even the most ordinary cowhide look very exotic and luxurious.

Different processes involved in making cowhide

Cowhide has become a byproduct of the food industry. Like other leather, cowhide is obtained by first shaving cow skin and then removing the hair from the cowhide. Once the hair has been removed, the cowhide is then stretched and dried. This is the prelude to the tanning process after which other effects are applied. It is possible to emboss designs on the cowhide and it can also be printed as well as cut to a shape. If needed, metal studs too can be added to the cowhide.

Soft and furry

The nice thing about cowhide leather is it is soft and very furry. However, if an application requires, then the cowhide can be made hard and slick. It all depends on how the cowhide is tanned. Cowhide is available in numerous sizes and the quality of the cowhide depends to a large extent on the cow from which the hide is obtained. The best quality cowhide leather is one that is known as full grain leather. Other factors that affect the quality of the cowhide include the environment and the conditions in which the cattle were raised. Also, depending on the way the cattle are treated, the quality of leather obtained varies from good to excellent.

Very desirable

Cowhide is a very desirable leather mainly because it offers several benefits. It is waterproof and durable and it will not easily rip or tear. What’s more, cowhide is also very tough and strong and it does not easily crack as is the case with other types of leather. Cowhide is a good option because it is flexible and breathable and at the same time it is also very supple. If you use it to make attire or rugs, then you will find the attire to be very comfortable to wear .

Other reasons why people opt for cowhide include the fact that it can be dyed or it can be made to retain its original color. It is also five times more long-lasting as compared to fabric and it is resistant to sun and heat damage.

These days, cowhide is being used to make cowhide boots. It is also the preferred leather for making gloves and it is also perfect for making vests and jackets. Cowhide purses are also a very popular item as too are bags made from cowhide. It is also the material from which performance clothing is made. In fact, motorcycle jackets are made from cowhide leather because of its durability and resistance to tearing. There are some cowhide rugs for sale in case you would like to try.