Cowhide Has Many Uses

Ancient civilizations made good use of cowhide. They were known for raising and domesticating cattle. It did not take them long to find out that cow skin could be used as a fabric. Prior to this discovery, ancient people used to discard cow skins. Today, cowhide has become a very common leather type that can be dyed into different colors. In addition, these leather items can also be given different finishes. The right finish can make even the most ordinary cowhide look very exotic and luxurious.

Different processes involved in making cowhide

Cowhide has become a byproduct of the food industry. Like other leather, cowhide is obtained by first shaving cow skin and then removing the hair from the cowhide. Once the hair has been removed, the cowhide is then stretched and dried. This is the prelude to the tanning process after which other effects are applied. It is possible to emboss designs on the cowhide and it can also be printed as well as cut to a shape. If needed, metal studs too can be added to the cowhide.

Soft and furry

The nice thing about cowhide leather is it is soft and very furry. However, if an application requires, then the cowhide can be made hard and slick. It all depends on how the cowhide is tanned. Cowhide is available in numerous sizes and the quality of the cowhide depends to a large extent on the cow from which the hide is obtained. The best quality cowhide leather is one that is known as full grain leather. Other factors that affect the quality of the cowhide include the environment and the conditions in which the cattle were raised. Also, depending on the way the cattle are treated, the quality of leather obtained varies from good to excellent.

Very desirable

Cowhide is a very desirable leather mainly because it offers several benefits. It is waterproof and durable and it will not easily rip or tear. What’s more, cowhide is also very tough and strong and it does not easily crack as is the case with other types of leather. Cowhide is a good option because it is flexible and breathable and at the same time it is also very supple. If you use it to make attire or rugs, then you will find the attire to be very comfortable to wear .

Other reasons why people opt for cowhide include the fact that it can be dyed or it can be made to retain its original color. It is also five times more long-lasting as compared to fabric and it is resistant to sun and heat damage.

These days, cowhide is being used to make cowhide boots. It is also the preferred leather for making gloves and it is also perfect for making vests and jackets. Cowhide purses are also a very popular item as too are bags made from cowhide. It is also the material from which performance clothing is made. In fact, motorcycle jackets are made from cowhide leather because of its durability and resistance to tearing. There are some cowhide rugs for sale in case you would like to try.

5 Shop Fitting Tips and Tricks that Actually Works!

Shopfitting is one of the most interesting tasks and also, it can be difficult and tricky as well. Most of the time, people aren’t aware of some most important tricks that are actually important in order to make your shop fitting look professional and stunning. Without a professional guide of shop fitting, you will end your work in a quite odd and unpleasant manner.

We are here to provide you some of the most important tips and tricks that you can actually use to make your shop fitting fascinating and also, in order to catch the customer’s attraction. So, let’s get started with the first one!


  • Use Glass Shelves

Glass shelves actually bring shine to your shop. The display area becomes more attractive with the use of glass. Moreover, you can also use steel shelves but most the time, steel shelves don’t look that much beautiful. That’s why the glass shelves can be used so that they reflect the light in all direction to make the shop look brighter.

  • Mirrors

Elongating the previous point, I’ll admire the use of big mirrors for eye illusions. You can introduce big mirrors at one end to create an eye illusion for the customers so that the area of the shop looks bigger. Moreover, you must also place some small mirrors at different positions. They actually create an optical illusion and also, they reflect light.

  • Provide Free Moving Space

Your customers must have enough space to walk through the shop. Always try to avoid the mess within your shop because it doesn’t provide your customers enough space to walk through the walkways. You must eliminate the clutter effect that is known to be the items messed up in a place. The area looks congested and customers feel uncomfortable. So, it is better to avoid clutters within your shop.

  • Lighting

You must pay attention to the style of lighting. Lighting can make a small area look bigger. If you have less area for the shop, then you have an option of lighting designs to make your shop look wider. Lighting also makes your items look more beautiful and valuable. If you want to emphasize the customer’s attention towards a certain product/item, then you have an option of making it look prominent by lighting in an appropriate manner.

  • Everything must be in its place!

Everything must be in its place and you should avoid any type of clutter. Customers literally don’t like to have a mess around them when they are visiting the shop. That’s you should manage things in an appropriate manner. There must be a specific place for specific items.

So, these were the 5 best tricks that you can use to make your shop look bigger, wider, beautiful and stunning as well. If you are looking for some tricks that can help you in a better and professional shop fitting then these shop fitting tips will let you do what you want to do!



Utilize services from CWB Design Shopfitting help to make a perfect shop for your business

Want to get a perfect design for your business? Not a problem anymore because CWB Design Shopfitting is here at your service. CWB Design Shopfitting is a company that has been in the field of shop fitting for quite a while and they have a great experience of making an ordinary shop look exceptional. Here in this article, we will be discussing some benefits that you will be getting by employing services from CWB Design Shopfitting. Speacalising in cafe, retail, hospitality and salon fitouts for clients in Melbourne, Australia.

Following are the advantages that you will experience once you decide to utilize services from CWB Design Shopfitting.

  1. A perfect design within budget

Every customer has his own requirements similarly every customer has his own budget. We make sure that customers give us realistic budget and then we challenge our self to make sure that we are able to provide quality services within that particular budget.

  1. Repair and maintenance service after deploying the design

We own what we sell. We provide repair and maintenance services for our customers for the products that we have designed for them and even for those that we haven’t designed for them. It is so because we feel it is our duty to serve you.

  1. Experienced and Talented Team provides you unique and attractive design

We have a team of young and experienced employees that help us to come with some exceptional design ideas for our customer. The blend of young blood with experience has always worked for us because it provides us the opportunity to end up with something that is not only attractive but also extremely useful in different aspects of business.

  1. We deal in Early Learning Centres and Aged Care Facilities.

It is another important feature of our business that we provide services in Early Learning Centres and Aged Care Facilities. It may be hard for you to find a company that loves to work in these two sections. It is so because it is a challenging task and our team loves challenges. Our team has always come up with an amazing idea whenever they are given a challenging task. Our customers are a proof of the fact that our team is always up for a challenge.


A company that has been in the field of fitting for a long time and has all the resources and expertise is perfect for your business too. Thus do not waste a single moment in contacting us because we know that we have the capability to become your perfect design partner.

Things You Must Know Before Starting Your Shop Fitting

Despite the fact that customers are always in search of better and satisfying services from their service providers, there are many other things that can influence the satisfaction of customers. The shop fitting is one of the main factor that is mainly responsible for the satisfaction of customer. As a business owner, you must know the fact that an impressive look of your shop can attract the customers and make them believe that your business provides the best services.

If we look from a professional perspective, you might have noticed that big and international companies always make their outlets/braches/shops look better and attractive and surprisingly, they have a greater number of customers. There are some of the main things that you must know before you start shopfitting.

We are here to let you know some of the main elements that you must include while doing shop fitting. So, let’s get started!

  • Shop Layout

In order to get a perfect layout of your shop, you’ll have to hire an architect to design your shop. The layout of your shop must be linear and it is better if you tell your architect your requirements. The layout of your shop depends on the type of your shop/business. Also, the area and the surroundings also matters a lot. Next, it’s the job of that architect to bring beauty and uniqueness.

  • Ceiling and Flooring

The ceiling and flooring is one of the main factors that you must include in the shop fitting because the customers always notice the fact that where they are placing their feet. The ceiling and flooring makes make your shop linear. Also, the type of the ceiling and flooring must be kept in mind. You must research that which type of ceiling and flooring will be suitable for your shop.

  • Nature of Your Business

The type of your business literally have impact on the shop fitting. Suppose, you have a business of garments, then you must have nice and decent seating arrangements. But if your business is of shoes, then your preferences might be different.

  • Storage

How much storage do you have? The storage factor can influence the entire shop fitting. The storage space also designates the area for displaying items (if your business deals with displaying products like shoes, dresses, etc.). You must take decisions according to the area you have. So, the storage factor is one of the main factor that can influence the shop fitting.

  • Lighting Designs

Moreover, you must design the lighting of your shop because it gives a decent touch to the products you have in display. The lighting can enhance the entire scenario. If your products have been displayed on the shelves, then you can enhance them by proper lighting designs to make them look more important. Also, if you want to get the customer’s attraction to a specific product, then a proper lighting on that product can be used to enhance its appearance so that a customer’s attention can be achieved.

So, these are some of the most important things that you must consider before shop fitting.

CWB Design Shopfitting: How do we make the design right?

According to several studies, it has been proved that people understand and learn better when they are shown an attractive design. Thus it is highly important to make sure that your business gets the right kind of interior design so that you are able to attract a huge number of customers. To make a right design you have to make sure that you have got all the elements right. It is the reason due to which we divide our designing process into two steps. This helps to make life easier for our employees and also helps us to get a perfect and a long-lasting design for our customers.

Why is a good design important for you?

A good design is judged by two factors that are as follows:

  • How it looks
  • How it works

Your customers are going to judge your business just on their look. You have to make sure that the business looks perfect in all aspects. A huge number of customers are going to judge your design on the basis of their outlook.

The second most important part of a good design is that does it works perfectly with your requirements. The design only works because you have to spend time with that design. Customers just look at a wider prospect but you are the one who has to live with that design. Thus it is important to make sure that you have got the right kind of design that doesn’t only looks good but also makes sure that it is comfortable to use and doesn’t bother you in your day to day life.

How do we work with these two aspects?

As discussed above we divide a design in two aspects mentioned above. Starting from the first aspect we have to make sure that we have got an attractive element in the design so that your customers know that you have got something unique and exclusive. Our talented and expert team analyzes your requirements well and create something that is perfect for your liking.

In the second aspect, we analyze the design according to your requirements and the design. In this step, our employees test the design through different situations and make sure that they are able to get the best out of it by maintaining an attractive appearance of the design.


Our company has an overall 10 years of experience in this particular field and there are numerous renowned interior design companies that have remained our clients for a long time and they still prefer working with us because we are the best when it comes to shop fittings and designing.