Are Chandeliers Still In?

These contemporary examples say yes!

Literally meaning ‘candlestick’ in French, Chandeliers have always been considered a decorative element that represents luxury and style. Without a doubt, your home will look much more elegant and attractive if you have a beautiful chandelier that matches the décor and conveys your style. A chandelier is not only a lamp; it is much more than that; a chandelier will bring life to the living room and give it a touch of glamour and drama. No matter where you hang it, it will enhance your home’s décor, it will be the center of attention, and no one will be able to pass by without looking at it and enjoying its beauty.

The variety of chandeliers’ styles is enormous, from the old ones that were only seen in castles and houses of rich people to the modern ones that are more accessible. Long ago, chandeliers were such exclusive and expensive decoration pieces that only people with significant purchasing power could have. However, they eventually began to make more affordable models without sacrificing their elegant and sophisticated style. So, as time went by, they became a decoration element that could not be missing in a modern house.

Thanks to its attractive and sophisticated design, the chandeliers have the power to give life to any room. They come in a range of traditional and contemporary styles to suit the rest of the elements decoration. There are several factors to consider before hanging a chandelier: style, size, height, and location.


You can go to any lighting or home decor store, and you’ll be amazed at the wide range of chandelier styles available. Also, you can find more styles and different models in exclusive lighting catalogues. Keep in mind that before deciding what style of the candlestick to purchase, you should think about the decoration of your home and the room or hall where you will hang it, so there will be good harmony in all the decoration. For example, if your home has a modern style, a brass chandelier may not be the best match in terms of design and period appropriateness. Consider some of the more modern designs to complement existing design features.


The size of the chandelier is an essential factor that cannot be overlooked. If you plan to hang it in a huge room, it will not be noticed much and will not have the impact you desire, while if it is an excessively large chandelier for a small room, it will completely unbalance the decoration. Proportions are essential to keep in mind.


Chandeliers are so versatile that you can place them anywhere in the house, in the entrance, the kitchen, etc. Besides, the height at which the chandelier is hung is vital to its proper fit. For example, if you want to place it on a kitchen island or a table, there should be a distance of at least 30 inches from the bottom of the chandelier to the table. If you plan to hang it in a room with windows, it is a good idea to hang it near the windows so it can be seen from outside the house. Also, before placing the chandelier, you should verify that the ceiling can support the weight. Make sure to utilise a load bearing beam and consider employing a professional for this part. You don’t want that chandelier in a million pieces on the floor!



The best place to hang a candlestick is at the entrance. This way, you can illuminate the entrance of your home in a majestic way, and your guests will be astonished when they enter your home and will be amazed by the style of your home. If you don’t have enough space at the entrance, you can opt for a small chandelier that will add glamour and elegance to your home.


In all the incredible decorations we see in magazines, and on television, there is always a beautiful chandelier in the dining room. You can opt for a modern and daring design and turn your dining room into the place where everyone will want to talk and hang out.


On many occasions, the kitchen design can become monotone, and an excellent option is to give it vibrancy and contrast with an attractive chandelier. If your kitchen is large, and there is enough space, you can hang two chandeliers that combine and highlight the kitchen design.


The living room is the ideal place for a chandelier. Usually, it is a spacious place with a lot of space, and all you need to complete an elegant design is a chandelier. You can choose a slightly traditional model to give a vintage touch to your home.